Canadas fight against terrorism essay

The death of thousands on American soil caused a ripple effect so wide the international community continues to experience the social, economic and political ramifications close to four years later.

Canadas fight against terrorism essay


As the title indicates, this Green Paper seeks to improve security while protecting civil liberties guaranteed to Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Accordingly, the document discusses challenges such as preventing radicalization, disrupting threats and sharing information, alongside issues such as accountability for security institutions, legal limitations on investigations and civil rights.

Public input ended on Dec. The results will be important. Canada enacted its first ever National Security Policy in and has since augmented it in documents such as its first Counter-terrorism Strategywhich came out in Yet given the changing nature of terrorism amidst an ongoing public interest in the issue, and recent legislative changes that include the enactment of Bill C, the need to review national security in Canada is more Canadas fight against terrorism essay than ever.

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The recent consultation — and its policy outcomes, which are expected sometime in — will likely change the course of security in Canada for the next several years. Here are three points Canadians should be considering as the policy process moves forward: The definition, tools and perpetrators of terrorism have evolved significantly.

When the National Security Policy was created, Canada was pre-occupied primarily with international terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda. While security agencies admitted that there were known linkages to these groups in Canada, there was relatively little knowledge or concern with homegrown violent extremism at the time.

Inhomegrown extremism became a much more significant threat under the Counter-terrorism Strategy. There are now issues surrounding Canadians conducting attacks at home, such as in the case of the Ottawa shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeauand Canadians moving overseas to fight alongside groups such as the Islamic State.

There has also been discussion in the wake of the Jan. There are also concerns that foreign fighters returning home will be able to propagate violence and recruit others to their cause. Further, there are emerging issues such as the roles which females play in terrorism activities, and the use of the Internet to engage in terrorist acts.

Canadians will need to consider that gender-focused counter-terrorism strategies may be required to effectively deal with threats. In addition, there may need to be resources or training given to security professionals to detect violent extremist behaviour on the Internet.

Canadas fight against terrorism essay

However, there have been cases of terrorist sympathizers conducting criminal activities in Canada, including extortion, human trafficking and drug trafficking, to support their organizations.

It could easily be argued that these activities pose a much larger, more robust threat to the Canadian public. Perhaps an effective way to move forward is to increase focus on the activities that support terrorists, rather than just prevention of the attacks themselves. In a similar vein, further attention also must be given to the de-radicalization of violent extremists, in order to prevent harm to those individuals and others, moving into the future.

New legislation should be paired with new review bodies and prevention tools. Under the legislation, the information sharing capacity amongst federal government bodies has been heightened, thresholds for preventative arrest have been lessened, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service CSIS has been given a greater ability to conduct foreign operations and the capacity to disrupt terrorist activities in motion.

The recent consultation process seems to indicate a desire to move towards increased accountability for security institutions with new capabilities in Canada. In this regard, Canada would likely benefit from an integrated accountability mechanism to oversee national security operations.

This level of oversight has already been encouraged by scholars and former prime ministersas it would allow for the review of all national security bodies in Canada. Such a mechanism would have the benefit of assuring Canadians that their civil rights are protected, while likely also improving counter-terrorism efforts.

After C was enacted inreports showed that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were wary of agencies like CSIS operating abroad and potentially impacting existing police relationships with overseas institutions. However, CSIS also has a responsibility to conduct investigations to protect Canadians from security threats.

In a globalized world, this means that it needs to be able to move abroad in certain instances.Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives/5(11).

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Canada's Fight Against Terrorism Essay are there international terrorists in Canada but there are domestic terrorists. These terrorists are active in terrorist activities within the borders of Canada and they support terrorism in other countries (“Building Resilience .

Counter-terrorism. Information on Canada’s efforts to counter global and domestic terrorist threats, and how Canada is promoting national peace and security. The fight against terrorism is meant to be seen as a struggle for the larger picture of international human rights.

5 That said, it is necessary to examine why the adoption of such legislation on an international level felt the demand to be duplicated at the state level of ‘free and democratic’ nations like Canada. The Global Fight Against Terrorism Essay - Despite spending billions of dollars to fight endless wars, global terrorism rose 43% in As a result, terrorism has been brought to the fore of not only the American mentality, but the international mentality as well.

Last fall, the Canadian government released a Green Paper on national security, entitled Our Security, Our Rights. It was released, unsurprisingly, just after Public Safety Canada’s latest Terrorism Report, which outlined existing and future trends in the terrorist threat to Canada.

As the.