Comparison of eve and pandora

Photograph depicting the biblical story of Adam and Eve Shutterstock Don't miss stories. The endeavour was jolly brave when we consider some of the hair-raising myths of the ancient Greeks. But it was, of course, a darling collection with lashings of light-hearted adventure. The collection kicks off with Pandora and the Whispering Box:

Comparison of eve and pandora

Hesiod and Genesis share a basic pattern: This pattern is used by both traditions to explain the presence of problems such as disease and hunger in human existence, and both Hesiod and Genesis credit the first woman with these problems. She then passes down these traits to all other women.

In Genesis, the fall of mankind is similarly connected to a woman. Here, Eve is persuaded by a serpent to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which she shares it with Adam. Women will now suffer pain when they give birth, men must farm the earth to provide sustenance, and their lives will be finite.

Unlike Pandora, Eve is not innately malignant. She was either created at the same time as Adam, or shortly after from one of his ribs, making Eve of the same substance and nature as her husband. Whereas Eve is meant in all seriousness to be a companion for Adam, the status of Pandora as a gift is clearly ironic.

This distinction is at the heart of the difference between the women.

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Pandora herself is the punishment for man. Both the Theogony and Works and Days reveal this, either in calling her an evil for man or through the incident with the jar, which is a manifestation of her treacherous nature. Neither poem specifies if Pandora then suffers alongside man. Eve, however, is as much a victim of her actions as Adam, and the two suffer together, if not entirely equally.

Moreover, a different interpretation of the events in Genesis further distinguishes Eve from Pandora.

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Traditionally, Western Christianity has regarded the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden as a fall from grace. Other traditions, such as Judaism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, regard this event instead as a kind of coming of age for mankind.

Hesiod, Works and Days Hesiod, Theogony The similarities and differences between the two origination myths are interesting to consider, and I think that contrasting the two is a great way to better understand the underpinnings of both Greek and Judeo-Christian thoughts on gender. For example, we clearly see in the works of Semonides and Homer blatant misogyny, which we can trace back to the myth of Pandora.

Does anyone know of any examples or counter-examples that relate to this?A few months ago, I wrote a post positing two theories of Eve: “Eve, the Noble Transgressor,” and “Eve, the Sinner.” Many Mormons celebrate the Noble Eve: an aspirational figure of righteousness who knew she was doing the right thing by partaking of the fruit.

Pandora was sent by Zeus to be a way to trick and exact revenge on Epimethius and Prometheus. Eve was created by God to be a companion for Adam, as a sort of gift. The myths, being written years or so after the stories in Genesis, have many parallels with the Bible.

Similarity between pandora and Eve In most cultures, there is a story about how human beings lost their right to a Golden Age or Garden of Eden.

The story familiar to most of the western world is the story of Eve and the apple. Although Pandora and Eve purposes differed they were both in one way a gift or companion for man. In Hesiod's Theogony and Days and Works Pandora was created as a gift of a wife for Epimetheus but also as a deceptive trap.

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The stories of Pandora and Eve have their similarities. Pandora was created to give company to Epimethius; Eve was created to keep Adam company. Pandora and Eve were created by a god.

Their purpose was to be company to a lonely man.

Comparison of eve and pandora

Pandora is blamed for bringing all the bad stuff into the world in her myth. Eve is blamed for making it so that humans can't live in paradise.

Comparison of eve and pandora
Comparing Pandora and Eve | Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece