Computer and cd rom

The first step is to remove the dust and dirt buildup inside of the drive. Open the tray compartment. Open the drive and allow the tray to eject.

Computer and cd rom

However, we have yet to post about one of the most simple things. Computers are Computer and cd rom they are, complex. Meaning, a stuck DVD could be one of several possible things.

Sometimes it may be easy to fix. Sometimes, not so easy. The best thing to do is troubleshoot the problem. Here is what you should not do: Stick a screwdriver, pocket knife, credit card, or any other object into the DVD drive and try to pry it open or pull the disc tray out.

Sometimes you can eject the stuck disc using Windows commands.

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But all of a sudden it just stops. Chances are good, that you may have installed a program, application, update, driver, etc. To troubleshoot this, try doing a system restore. A system restore will uninstall several files and changes to your computer that were made within a certain time frame.

If you have just recently upgraded your operating system, this often times can cause some device driver incompatibilities. To do this, you will need to make sure that you have a backup of your driver. Not all drives and burners have this feature. Use a toothpick, bent paperclip, or needle to push the button.

This may or may not pop open the drive. Many people have reported that this does not work. But some have reported that it does.

How to set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM

May the force eject be with you. Method 4 — Some Weird Stuff That Works Close out of all applications and make sure that you have saved anything that needs to be saved. As soon as it starts loading back up, even before you see the Windows loading screen, start pressing the eject button on the drive.

Computer and cd rom

If you are using a slot loading drive MacBookthis would be the eject button on your keyboard. Believe it or not, this works a lot of the time.

Plug it back in, start it up, and try the step above. To learn more about that, check out this article on USB connection problems. Sometimes, especially in slot loading drives, the disc may just jump out of place. You can find tutorials all over the internet.

How to Clean a CD-ROM Drive » How To Clean

However, laptop drives are not as easy. If you are able to get the disc out of the drive, the first thing you should do before putting another disc in is cleaning the inside. My recommendation is to purchase a bottle of compressed air and shoot it around inside the drive area while the tray is out.

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