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Megatech for class

The printing on the box is all fully colored glossy print that clearly shows the plane and the controller that are contained in the box. The back of the box includes a good description of what's contained in the box as well as what the user will need to provide, which are only 8 AA batteries.

Opening the box reveals a molded Styrofoam box that contains the Avion-io biplane, the instruction manual, the controller, a charge cord, and a small plastic bag containing the landing gear for the plane. The plane and radio are well protected inside the box with each having a custom fit area in the packing box in which it sits.

The box also doubles as a great storage container for the plane and controller when not in use. The Manual The manual for the Avion-io is a well written little book that explains all the features and operation of the plane.

It explains everything from charging the batteries in the plane to 'tweaking' parts of the plane to obtain better flight. It also contains cautions about the use of a Lithium-polymer battery such as the one contained in the Avion-io biplane. Assembly of the Avion-io is as simple as inserting the wire landing gear into the bottom of the fuselage.

The mounting slot is located just forward of the plane's power controls and charging jack. If you plan on storing the plane in the shipping box the landing gear can also be easily removed for storage after your flying day is over.

The Avion-io is made from strong PolyNylolene that keeps the plane light, yet it is tough enough to take the knocks from "less than perfect" flights.

The plane consists of a biplane design with the wings molded into an airfoil shape. The wings can be flexed in order to 'tweak' the trim of the plane if needed.

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The electric motor for the Avion-io is contained inside of the fuselage with a drive shaft extending back behind the trailing edge of the wings. This design helps protect the propeller from any damage if the plane hits anything while in flight.

Looking at the rear of the plane shows that there is no elevator control, but rather an airfoil shaped horizontal stabilizer.

Turning the Avion-io in the air is accomplished with the rudder of the plane. The rudder servo is located inside the main fuselage and is connected to the rudder by a pushrod that runs the length of the plane.

Also running the length of the plane is a thin wire used as the antenna for the radio contained in the plane. The wire does extend a bit past the end of the plane but this does not cause any problems with flight. The battery compartment is located forward of the landing gear and is user accessible if the battery needs to be changed for any reason.

Charging the battery is accomplished through the radio controller for the plane. Located on the side of the radio is a charging jack where the included charging wire is plugged in first. The other end of the wire is then plugged into the plane. To charge the plane the power switch on the plane is moved to the 'Charge' position.

Then with the power switch on the radio controller in the off position the charge button on the side of the radio is depressed until the charge light on the radio is lit.

While charging, the light will be red and will change to green when the plane is fully charged and ready to be flown. Charging the Avion-io can take up to 20 minutes depending on how much power has been drained from the batteries in the plane before recharging.

The controller for the Avion-io is a two stick controller similar to larger RC controllers used in the RC hobby. The controller operates in the FM 27 MHz range and has 6 separate frequencies that are available.

This allows up to 6 different Avions to be flown at the same time as long as each plane is on a separate channel.

The channel number is marked on the back of the transmitter. Located in the upper part of the controller are 3 LED indicators. These indicate the condition of the batteries in the controller.

The left LED is used when charging the batteries in the plane. The other two LED's indicate the condition of the batteries in the controller.

The two sticks on the Avion-io are for guiding the plane during flight.

Megatech for class

The left stick controls the throttle and the right stick controls the rudder. Both sticks have a slider trim adjustment that allows you to adjust the travel of the control.

The rudder controls the turning of your plane.

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The throttle controls both the speed of the plane and the climb rate for the plane. Since the Avion-io does not have an elevator, the throttle is used to control its climb rate.

To climb, simply increase the throttle. To descend, lower the throttle.Megatech Scientific Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in Since then, we have come of age to become a World Class Manufacturer and Supplier of .

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