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Ministry paper

Ministry paper

Etymology[ edit ] The Swedish name Grankulla is composed by the Swedish words "gran" spruce and "kulle" hill and has been in use in this form since the beginning of the s. The Finnish name of the town, Kauniainen, is derived from the name of a homestead that was located in Kauniainen called Kauniais.


It was named after an estate near Tampere. Around 10, years ago, after the Ice Ageonly a few islets were visible in the Yoldia Seaheights that today Ministry paper the highest peaks of the area that is today known as Kauniainen.

As the land slowly rose Kauniainen became a part of the inner archipelago around 4, years ago and there is evidence of human activity in the area in form of pieces of ceramics from this time period.

However, the first permanent settlements in the area were established in the 19th century. Today Kauniainen is situated several kilometres Ministry paper the sea. The main road between Helsinki and Turku had passed through the northern parts of Kauniainen for centuries, but the new railway between the same cities that opened in Ministry paper crucial for the development of the area.

Several other similar communities were established at the same time around Helsinki: The share holders, among them the "father" of the municipality Janne Thurmancould be satisfied with their investment; they got the invested money back in one year. No properties sold were smaller than 3, square metres.

Ministry paper

In Kauniainen received a limited autonomy from Espoo and the role of the company declined. In Kauniainen became a market town and gained complete municipal sovereignty. Kauniainen also differed from its rural surroundings in Espoo with a town plan, road network, villas and electricity.

It was decided to keep Kauniainen a green, idyllic, rural community and industrial buildings were banned. Most of the villas were built in neoclassical style or in the late s functionalism.

The work with a new town plan was started in the late s, but the proposal was disputed; the inhabitants and property owners thought the roads were too wide.

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The architect also died in the middle of the process, which led to that a compromise could be reached as late as in Already in the s the name Kauniainen was used by the railways and the post service.

The era of the villas ended with the Second World War and was replaced by reconstruction and economically challenging times. In the s the market town tried to incorporate a few surrounding areas from Espoo, but the application was rejected in Instead the area of Kasavuoriwhich the market town had bought, was incorporated in Otto-Iivari Meurman was given the task of making a new town plan.

He suggested that the villa milieu would be kept, but that the number of inhabitants would be significantly raised, from 2, to 10, and that the unmodern villas would be replaced by new ones.

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Also apartment buildings should be built. The plans for Kasavuori were approved in and for the rest of the market town in and The commercial centre was inaugurated in The town plan has later been criticised because the unique villa environment was disrupted and many of the beautiful villas were demolished.

A skiing centre was planned in Kasavuori of the same type as Holmenkollen in Oslobut the plans were never realised. Today this area is protected. In Kauniainen gained the status of a city fi. The town had at the time 6, inhabitants. The commercial centre has been considered ugly and outdated for more than 20 years [7] and a new development plan for the town centre was approved in May The project begun in December when the first building was demolished.

Roads[ edit ] Kauniainen has good road connections in most directions. The east-to-west Helsinki—Turku motorway national road 1 passes Kauniainen to the south and the old Helsinki—Turku main road passes the northern parts of the town. The construction of the motorway in the s played a big role when new inhabitants moved to Kauniainen, when they could drive quickly along the motorway into Helsinki's city centre.

Public transportation[ edit ] Kauniainen is served by two commuter rail stations, Kauniainen and Koivuhovion the Rantarata linewhich was opened in The railway has been important for the development of Kauniainen as a suburb of Helsinki.

Trains leave appromaximately every 15 minutes and the ride to Helsinki Central railway station takes about 20 minutes. There are two regional bus lines which connect to Helsinki.

There are also local bus lines which connect to various districts of Espoo. Services[ edit ] Kauniainen offers a very large range of services to its inhabitants, considering the size of the town.

There are six schools in Kauniainen, spread out on three levels and two languages — Finnish and Swedish.Ministry of Defence Bolkiah Garrison BB Brunei Darussalam Tel: + In this post, we offer in-depth analysis of the Chinese information security organizations tapped to support the national security review portion of China’s new cybersecurity law (CSL) and reveal an expanded role for an office run by the Ministry of State Security.

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