Plumacher thesis

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Plumacher thesis

Plumacher was sent by the Swiss government to locate a place in the U. President Andrew Johnson asked him to consider Tennessee and he visited Col. John Armfield of Beersheba Springs. John Hitz, a Swiss businessman, and Peter Staub also became interested. These men bought up several thousand acres of land near Gruetli and printed circulars in German to induce settlers to come over.

Eugen Herman Plumacher liked Beersheba so well that he acquired a fine home here. It burned under mysterious circumstances one Sunday morning and it was thought that some of the disgruntled Swiss settlers burned it.

After the first home burned he built another, part of which is standing yet. It was planned much like the Hotel— around a square court yard. It is the section where the grandson, Eugene Bohr, lives today. Plumacher, a German by birth but evidently Swiss in sympathies.

Inhe was sent by the Swiss government as Commissioner of Emigration to the United States with the purpose of finding a location for a colony. He was ready to return to Switzerland.

Hitz replied in the negative. Nothing could give me greater pleasure than to learn that Mr. Plumacher has finally the same opinion of Tennessee as myself. How I adopted the view of President Johnson has been amply proven. I am a citizen of Tennessee by my own choice and free will, and am proud to be called a Tennessean.

Colonel Armfield had purchased the land at Beersheba Springs in and had built the hotel and residences, promoting it as a summer resort. Captain Plumacher was so impressed with the Cumberland Plateau that he thought it would be a fine site for the new colony, and so set about making the necessary arrangements.

He aroused the interest of Mr. Peter Staub, Swiss but living in Knoxville at that time, and the three formed sort of a silent partnership to buy up the land and have it surveyed and ready for the settlers as they came over. Hitz and Captain Plumacher were not able to take any part in the actual buying of the land because of their governmental positions, but the general opinion seems to be that they were the ones who arranged all the deals.

After making these arrangements, Captain Plumacher seems to have lost interest in the colony and was not concerned with its growth. He returned to Switzerland to get his wife and son and daughter and bring them to their new home.

They arrived in America and were nicely settled before the colony was ready for the settlers.

Plumacher thesis

Captain Plumacher spent his time between Nashville and Beersheba Springs, teaching German in the public schools of Nashville and for one winter, that of andwas professor of German, French, and other Modern Languages in Cumberland University.

At this time he was seeking an American Consular position in one of the European countries. Unsuccessful in realizing this ambition, he accepted the position as United States Counsul to Maracaibo in Venezuela.

He held this post for thirty-three years until he was forced to give it up because of increasing blindness and deafness. His family spent part of the period of his consularship in Europe, where his two children were educated, and the rest of the time they resided at Beersheba Springs in the family home.

The son died of consumption shortly after, and Mr. Plumacher returned home from South America for a few months at that time, but was forced to go back to his duties.

If Captain Plumacher had not discovered the spot and interested Mr. Staub and Consul Hitz in the project, there would never have been a colony on Broad Mountain.

Whether or not his idea was a wise one, or whether or not the Swiss would have been better off in Switzerland, is a moot question. The hardships of the colonists in the first years are unbelievable.

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Plumacher thesis

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