Realizing illinois writing assessment

Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction. Portfolios are scarcely a new concept, but renewed interest, fueled by the portfolio's perceived promise for both improving assessment and motivating and involving students in their own learning, has recently increased their visibility and use. The definition of a portfolio varies some, but there seems to be a general consensus that a portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that tells the story of student achievement or growth. Portfolios are not folders of all the work a student does.

Realizing illinois writing assessment

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. This section has information about how to use pronouns correctly. What is a pronoun? Why do people use different ones?

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Why are he and she not enough? Linguistically, pronouns are words used to refer to people by replacing proper nouns, like names. A pronoun can refer to either a person talking or a person who is being talked about.

Pronouns indicate the gender of a person; traditionally, he refers to males while she refers to females. The English language does not have a gender-neutral third-person singular personal pronoun, but in recent years they has gained considerable traction in this role.

They has been officially recognized as correct by several key bodies such as the Associated Press and the Chicago Manual of Style.

This is important for people whose genders are neither male nor female, as well as to avoid defaulting to he in regular use.

realizing illinois writing assessment

What is gender inclusive language? What does it have to do with the OWL?

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Now, the conversation on gender inclusive language has expanded further to include people whose genders are neither male nor female e. In basic terms, this means that he and she are not sufficient to describe the genders of all people, because not all people are either male or female.

The alternative pronoun most commonly used is they, often referred to as singular they. Someone left his or her backpack behind. In addition to being respectful of people of all genders, this makes the sentence shorter and easier to say. In fact, almost all of us use this language on a regular basis without even thinking about it.


While they is already a common part of the English language, especially while speaking, there are other third-person singular pronouns in use that you may encounter in writing. Some things to keep in mind when using gender-inclusive pronouns: Thus, you invite the individual to give their pronouns as well if they so choose.

There is a small danger of outing someone who is trans or nonbinary who might not want that information disclosed. Pay attention to the situation and to how people refer to themselves.

Ask everyone what pronouns they use even if you think you know. Try to get into the habit of introducing yourself and your pronouns.

realizing illinois writing assessment

Being aware of gender pronouns expresses to individuals that you are an ally. People are allowed to be people and ask how to be addressed since that is inherently their right.A portfolio is a meaningful collection of student work that tells the story of student achievement or growth.

There are two basic reasons for doing portfolios--assessment or instruction. Benefits for using portfolios in instruction include the development of students self-reflection, critical thinking, responsibility for learning, and content area skills and knowledge.

With the adoption of the new Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core, the state has retired many of its old tests and replaced them with new, innovative assessments that will provide educators with reliable data to help guide instruction.

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Realizing the Promise of Standards-Based Education. developed by subject-area teams. The same coordination is happening at Adlai Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, where teacher teams continue to set measurable achievement records on every kind of assessment. now that they know the reading and writing standards through.

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